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The most complete usenet client for Mac OSX

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About Usenapp

The most complete usenet client for Mac

Usenapp is a native 64 bit usenet client for Mac OSX filled with all the tools you need for optimal usenet usage.

Features like a newsreader, SmartFolders, NZB downloader, NZB Search, SuperSearch and MegaSearch, Full Newznab & Spotweb support, NZB auto download, auto repair and extract, bandwidth limitation, posting files and articles, full NZB file support, NZB watch-folder and much more is included.

Usenapp requires macOS v10.11 or higher
and works perfectly with macOS Sonoma 14.

Usenapp runs natively on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

Threaded discussions


Usenapp includes an advanced Newsreader to browse newsgroups and join threaded discussions by downloading headers fast and efficient.

Textual articles are grouped by thread and files are joined as archives.

The powerful filtering allows you to filter unwanted content.

Smart Folders

Smart Folders

With Smart Folders, Usenapp lets you automatically save downloads to custom folders, based on the keyword in NZB or filename.

This will automatically organise your downloads, like a special folder for photos, movies, books, etc.

Searching NZB files

Search indexers for NZB files

Usenapp supports a huge number of NZB indexers.
Including: Spotweb sites and all Newznab sites.

This makes searching NZB files on your indexer in Usenapp a lot easier. With WatchDog you can even have Usenapp search automatically.

Searching Usenet

SuperSearch and MegaSearch

Usenapp's own integrated SuperSearch is a free service to search usenet for posted articles in the last 30 days.

For even more power, you can upgrade to MegaSearch that allows you to search usenet up to 12+ years back in time, starting at €2.99.

Fast and secure

Ultra fast download speed

Usenapp is build to be fast and secure.

Downloading binaries goes at full speed and every available bit in your bandwidth will be used. With the build in bandwidth limiter it is possible to reduce the download speed at a specific time of the day.

You can setup as many news servers and backup servers as you need.

Full NZB support

Import and export NZB files

Usenapp fully supports NZB files.

Importing NZB files goes easily by dropping them into the NZB Watch Folder or by using the regular methods through the app and drag-&-drop.

Exporting NZB files is also supported.

Watchdog auto download

Download before it is gone

Watchdog is a feature that instantly checks your indexers for content and download the files right after they have been posted.

You can setup as many Watchdog search entries as you want and never fail to download any postings again.

Fixing your downloads

Auto repair and extract

Usenapp automatically repair, merge and extract your downloaded files fast and efficiently.

You can setup keywords to delete unwanted extracted files and optionally move the remaining files to a final destination disk.

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